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Évènements et nouvelles concernant Alepin Gauthier

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    Busting Myths of Franchising in Quebec

    Alepin Gauthier is proud to be part of the 2017 CFA National Convention.  On April 3rd and 4th, Chanel Alepin alongside François Alepin will be leading a Roundtable on the subject of franchising in Quebec for Canadian franchisors.  If you have [ … ]

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    Franchise Show 2017

    On January 21st and 22nd 2017, come meet the Alepin Gauthier team at the annual Franchise Show held at Place Bonaventure. Organised by the Canadian Franchise Association, the show brings together multiple agents of the franchise world and is an [ … ]

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    New article from Me François Alepin for Betheboss

    In the article, Me Alepin brings to light the most important issues to be considered in a non-competition clause who is often used in many contracts, such as in the franchise agreement. A lot of questions are answered in this article, in particular [ … ]

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    The Dunkin Donuts case

    The Journal les Affaires recently published an article written by Stéphane Rolland in collaboration with, among others, Me François Alepin on the world of franchising. The Article reviews the factual situation of a Quebec Superior Court decision in [ … ]

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    New article from Me François Alepin for Betheboss

    This time, Me Alepin will present a detailed summary of the consequences and implications of a franchisee association both from the perspective of the franchisee as from the perspective of the franchisor. Indeed, through this article, Me Alepin [ … ]

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    New alliances in the franchising world.

    Alepin Gauthier joins Canadian Business Opportunities as a legal reference in the corporate and franchising world. Also, the lawyers of the Alepin Gauthier Franchising and Trademark Law team will write articles in French and English for the websites [ … ]

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