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Intellectual propriety rights

In order to allow you to enjoy your visit to our website, Alepin Gauthier gives the users a right to view and print the content of the website. However, any other use is strictly prohibited.

Privacy Policy

A) What access do we have to your personal information?
When internet users access our Website, an exchange of information is operated between your computer and our server. Indeed, we take cognizance of certain information such as the domain name of your internet provider, the type of navigator you are using and the duration of your visit. As you may observe, we do not have access at that moment to your name, your email or any other personal information. However, you can agree to give more personal information by filling the form on our "contact us" page or "legal digests" pages in order to subscribe to our mailing list of legal digests or to ask a question or to make a comment. It is possible to unsubscribe yourself from any mailing list by sending an email to info@alepin.com.

B) To what ends will we use your personal information?
We use this information for the purposes of which you have agreed, and to send you some information that we think could be useful to you or also to invite you to activities organised by our firm.

C) Where is your personal information stored
Your personal information is stored securely on our server, at our offices located at the 3080 Le Carrefour Boulevard. You can have access to this information by calling 450 231-1277, and requesting access to your personal information collected by computer.

D) The use of cookies
We use small text files in order to facilitate the browsing on our website. Usually called "cookies", these files allow our server to identify your computer every time you visit our website. The parameters of the majority of the browsers are configured to accept these text files. However, you can reconfigure your computer so it will not accept cookies.

Modification of conditions of use

Alepin Gauthier reserves the right to modify the conditions of use of this website without notice. Any change to these policies will not affect the conformity to the laws of Quebec and Canada regarding the protection of personal information in the private sector.

You have a question regarding the protection of your personal information?

For any questions relating to the protection of your personal information, please contact the Personal Information Protection Officer.

By email: vieprivee@alepin.com

By mail:

Personal Information Protection Officer

Alepin Gauthier Avocats Inc.

3080, boul. Le Carrefour, office 400

Laval, Qc H7T 2R5

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