Estate Law

Estate lawyer

Have you been named to be the liquidator of an estate in the last will and testament of a family member or a close friend? Do you have questions regarding inheritance or wills? Are you unfamiliar with the concepts of successions and estates? The lawyers of Alepin Gauthier, situated in Laval, can assist you with all matters of Estate Law.

The death of any person leads automatically to the opening of a succession which, at that time, can be very difficult to manage and understand.

For this reason, the lawyers of Alepin Gauthier who work in the area of Estate Law can assist you at each step, and counsel you on how to proceed.

Whether your questions deal with wills, specific bequests, heirs, liquidators, debts, or the obligations of each person involved in a succession, our lawyers are there to provide pertinent answers with respect to the estate and succession that must be managed.

Our lawyers will be there to provide legal information, and advice and assistance before the opening of a succession or during the settlement procedures of any estate. The lawyers of Alepin Gauthier offer such services as:

  • Verifying and/or contesting wills
  • Analysis of the clauses in a will
  • The determination of who are the rightful heirs
  • The designation of the liquidator of the succession
  • The liquidation of matrimonial regimes and rights related to marriage
  • Any questions regarding an inheritance
  • The preparation of an inventory
  • Determining the patrimony of the deceased
  • The publication of notices
  • The administration of the property of the estate
  • The payments of debts
  • The final division of an estate
  • Any irregularities that appear

The lawyers of Alepin Gauthier serve clients in Laval, Montreal, as well as throughout Quebec.

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