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Business lawyer

The business world is full of subtleties and complex concepts. One way to avoid getting lost in it all is to consult our team of business law professionals who will guide and support you throughout the life cycle of your business.

From the creation of a company, to its transmission, from shareholder relations to real-estate transactions, without forgetting confidentiality agreements and the protection of all aspects of your intellectual property, our team of business lawyers will ensure that all legal aspects of your business are secure. Our lawyers can also work in collaboration with our Tax Planning department in order to optimize the company's operations from a tax point of view.

Right from the beginning of your commercial endeavour, our commercial law attorneys will analyze its characteristics and main components in order to provide you with all the available legal options, thus helping you in making clear and cost-effective choices.

Our team will then set up the corporate structures you have chosen, which include:

  •  A proprietorship
  •  A general partnership (GP), or Limited liability partnership; or
  •  A corporation, federal or provincial
  •  A cooperative

The structure could also include the creation of trusts.

Our business law team can provide you with a partnership agreement or create a business with corporate and share capital structures that are adapted to your needs. They may also assist you in setting up a more refined business structure that may involve the creation of a family trust or the addition of a so-called "management" or “holding” company, all the while keeping your accounting and fiscal needs in mind.

Once your business soundly structured, our business law professionals will periodically update the corporate minute book of your corporation and will accompany and assist you during any acquisitions or financing rounds as well as represent you should any dispute arise.

Our commercial law attorneys can assist and advise you during the drafting and negotiating of various transactions such as:

  • The purchase or sale of shares
  • The purchase and sale of assets
  • Financing agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Employment contracts and particularly key employee contracts
  • The creation of a trust
  • Agreements unique to each field
    Should your business require it, our law firm can also provide you with an external legal department, including our Right Hand Service, thus giving you the benefit of specialized legal counsel that is usually only available to companies that have an internal legal department.

Our professionals practice law in various fields including civil and commercial litigation and can represent you before the Court, both in the judicial districts of Laval and Montreal but also the whole of the Quebec.

In addition, our tax litigation department can assist and advise you with respect to any tax dispute involving your business and the tax authorities of Canada and Quebec and will work with your accounting department in order to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

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