Intellectual Property

Intellectual property lawyer

Often overlooked by businesses and corporations, intellectual property rights are very important in assessing the profitability and value of a company. Namely one can think of trademarks whose recognizability can become intrinsic to the goodwill and reputation of a business. Intellectual property is defined as that which may be protected by a trademark, patent, industrial design, copyright or trade secret.

Our lawyers believe that it is very important to begin protecting a client’s intellectual property from the very start of any commercial endeavour. Such intellectual property protection can apply to:

  • Trademarks
  • Logos
  • Copyright issues; and
  • Trade secrets
    Our intellectual property team will advise you with respect to the aspects of your business that will require an intellectual property protection and take the proper measures to secure your rights, thus avoiding the risks associated with foregoing the establishment of said protection.

Any sizeable or expanding business would also require that others be granted the use of its intellectual and industrial property. Our lawyers will advise you and provide the appropriate licensing agreements to that end. Conversely, our law firm can also assist clients in the licensed use of another corporation’s intellectual property.

In addition, our intellectual property professionals can proceed to file the appropriate application forms for the registration of your trademark, copyright or other intellectual property with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. In fact, we can also manage or coordinate such efforts in order to seek intellectual property registrations in the United States, Europe and anywhere your business may bring you.

Alepin Gauthier works with clients on copyright and intellectual property rights both in Laval and Montreal but also everywhere in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada and around the world.

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