Tax Planning

Tax planning lawyer

Efficient tax planning can make a big difference in the management of your estate. In fact, such planning can allow you to optimize the tax advantages provided by existing legislation.

Our team of tax professionals has made it their mission to support you by implementing a tailored tax planning strategy to help grow your estate while minimizing your tax burden.

In pursuit of this objective and in consideration of your projects, we will analyze your situation to determine the solution that best meets your needs. This may involve developing or optimizing a corporate structure for tax purposes, succession planning, designing a plan to reduce your tax burden upon death, etc. The services we offer are varied and include the following :

  • Corporate reorganization
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Shareholders' agreements and potential resulting tax implications
  • Asset protection
  • The establishment of trusts
  • Estate, testamentary and post-mortem planning
  • The implementation of a corporate structure to ensure the succession of your business
  • Business tax planning

Whether you are already established abroad or planning an international expansion, or whether you are considering becoming a non-resident of Canada or simply working abroad, our corporate tax planning lawyers will be able to assist you and give you valuable legal advice.

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