Family Law

Family lawyer

Occasionally, problematic family relations can generate a complicated climate and an enormous source of stress for those involved. At Alepin Gauthier, our experienced team of family lawyers will assist you through this difficult step in your life. Also, we can support you through a divorce, a child's custody determination and the separation of your assets.

A complete analysis of your situation is required to target your needs and to appropriately represent your interests.

We can also assist you with any concerns related to family law mediation.

Indeed, only a meticulous study will tell us what kind of action is required in your situation. Our analysis will focus on the following elements:

  • child custody
  • child support
  • spousal support
  • lump sum
  • compensatory allowance
  • partition of the family patrimony and matrimonial regime
  • protection of your physical integrity and that of your child if need be
  • the taxation consequences following a separation and/or divorce
  • provision for costs

The lawyers in our firm practicing in the family law division can assist you with

  • appearances in front of the Court of Quebec Youth Division
  • adoption
  • paternity establishment or contestation
  • name change
  • drafting of cohabitation contract
  • family mediation

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