Family Law

Family lawyer

Conflicting family relationships can create delicate situations, especially when separation or divorce occurs, and they are emotionally charged for those involved. Our strong team of family law attorneys understands this.

Our lawyers will accompany and guide you through this important personal sphere of your life, your family, to help you manage these difficult situations. We also attend and give in-depth training several times a year on recent developments in family law, particularly in matters of alimony, divorce, separation, and joint or sole custody.

Whether your family relations in case of separation or divorce are in a collaborative or conflictual mode, the Alepin Gauthier law firm will be able to inform you, help you, find a solution and answer your questions in family law with efficiency.

A thorough analysis of your family situation by our family law attorneys is required in order to be able to draw a complete picture of your needs and those of your children, especially in matters of support, and to adequately represent your interests, in the judicial district of Laval, Montreal and others.

Indeed, only a careful study will allow us to determine the appropriate recourse and options in your particular case.


At Alepin Gauthier, we have lawyers specialized in divorce law to accompany you in all the steps of your separation. We are here to defend your rights and interests in the division of property, child custody or alimony. Our divorce lawyers work with our clients in Laval, Montreal, and elsewhere in Quebec.

Child custody arrangements

At Alepin Gauthier Law Firm, we help parents negotiate and establish shared custody arrangements that meet the unique needs of their family. We can also provide legal services on the family allowances available to parents who opt for shared custody. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you protect your family's interests.


Do you want to apply for support payments in Quebec or change them without going to court? Are you being asked to pay support and you want to contest it? Our family law attorneys practicing in the area of support can help you navigate the process.

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Child custody

Child support

Spousal support

Lump sum

Compensatory allowance

Partition of the family patrimony and matrimonial regime

Protection of your physical integrity and that of your child if need be

The taxation consequences following a separation and/or divorce provision for costs

Settlement Conference

The civil justice system as a whole invites litigants, their lawyers and the entire legal community to seek solutions to resolve conflicts in a manner appropriate to each situation. The Amicable Settlement Conference ("ASC") is an effective, rapid and economical solution to resolve disputes. Its success depends on the firm will to collaborate based on honesty and transparency of the parties to a conflict or dispute.

The ASC, presided over by a judge acting as mediator, is a way to bring together the parties to a conflict in order to find a solution to the problem that opposes them. The judge will be the conductor of the CRA. This role is assigned to him as a neutral and disinterested person who will be able to draw on the experience of the adversarial debates in which he has participated in his career as a magistrate. His role will be essential to adequately put into perspective the issues at stake in the disputes and the possible avenues of settlement. He will see to it that the parties recognize that compromise is preferable to an eventual judgment.

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