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New service offered by Alepin Gauthier: cooperative family law


Family law

Me Brigitte Gauthier has recently completed a training course in Cooperative Family Law

In addition to mediation and representation before courts, the Alepin Gauthier Family Law department now offers Cooperative Family Law.

Cooperative Family Law is an approach based on negotiation among four people, that is, each client and their attorney. The discussion focuses on interests rather than positions and it tends to explore avenues other than just the applicable law, to see if they fit better with needs and wishes of the clients. Each negotiating session is preceded by an individual meeting between a client and his lawyer in order to be well prepared for the negotiations. Finally, the process is free from any threats of going before the Court because Cooperative Family Law attorneys make the choice to not represent their client in Court if no mutual agreement can be reached during the negotiating sessions.

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