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Labor and employment law

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  1. Keep track of the diversity of your employees

    Keep track of the diversity of your employees

    If you are a federally-incorporated, publicly-listed company, starting on the 1st of January 2020, you will be one the 607 distributing corporations under the Canadian Business Corporations Act (CBCA) that will be affected by the new diversity [ … ]

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    Grouping of multiple lawsuits before the Court

    In a context where a corporation faces multiple independent law suits from a given party and before the same jurisdiction (or Court), things can take long and get expensive very quickly. It may therefore be useful for either party to request the [ … ]

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    Industrial accidents? Here is what you must know.

    When an industrial accident happens or a labour-related occupational disease is contracted, the first thing you must do is to advise your employer as soon as you can. If the worker is a victim of an industrial accident outside Québec or suffers from [ … ]

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    Injunctions, and an employee’s duty of loyalty

    Given the confidential information exchanged in the employer/employee context, the law provides that employees have a duty of loyalty towards their former employer. The Extent of a Duty of Loyalty However, it should be noted that this duty of [ … ]

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    Being Fired for Serious Reason or Fault

    Marcus has worked for the company HELLO at the call center department for 6 months now. On top of his salary, he is entitled to receive a bonus for each quarter of the year. He did receive his 1st bonus for the 1st quarter of the year. Marcus has [ … ]

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    How many weeks of vacation am I entitled to?

    The period for vacations is now over and you may be wondering how many weeks of vacation you are entitled to next year. The vacation weeks due to an employee may be included in a decree, a collective agreement, if you are unionized, or an employment [ … ]

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    Written notice or compensatory indemnity?

    Context Victor has worked for the company CKLAFFAIRE as a journalist for 6 years. He is smart, hardworking and he is very enjoyable to work with. Unfortunately, he was laid off 3 months ago by the company. He was disappointed to be the one laid off. [ … ]

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