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  1. Common expert reports

    Common expert reports

    It is no secret that expert reports have become a staple in modern litigation cases. With that in mind, the legislator, during the last major reform, started promoting and often mandating the use of a common expert in order to supposedly decrease [ … ]

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    How can covid-19 affect custody issues?

    How can covid-19 affect custody issues?

    On March 14 2020, the Quebec government declared a state of health emergency across the province and implemented measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus 2019. These measures became a social responsibility for everyone. Indeed, most Quebec [ … ]

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  2. Non-compete clauses in business transactions

    Non-compete clauses in business transactions

    Whether the business transaction is a sale of shares held in a corporation, a sale of business assets or even a Shareholders’ Agreement, just to name a few, we often come across a Non-Compete Clause. What is a Non-Compete Clause? A non-compete [ … ]

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  3. Can I be Sued for a House I Sold Over 40 Years Ago?

    Can I be Sued for a House I Sold Over 40 Years Ago?

    You may be surprised to know that it is possible to be sued for a house that you sold more than 40 years ago, although the chances of losing such a lawsuit may in fact be slim. When you sell a property, whether it is residential, industrial or [ … ]

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  4. Legal representation of children

    Legal representation of children

    During difficult times of separation, children are sometimes placed in the midst of a family conflict. In any decisions directly involving a child, such as custody and access rights, children have the right to be heard by the courts, provided that [ … ]

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  5. The importance of a well-drafted contract

    The importance of a well-drafted contract

    Although most contracts (or agreements) can be concluded verbally, some contracts can only be validly concluded in writing. That said, it is almost always beneficial to put contracts in writing instead of simply coming to some sort of handshake [ … ]

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