Wednesday March 24 2021

Office clerk / receptionist


 The Alepin Gauthier firm is looking for an Office Clerk / Receptionist for a permanent and full-time position. Stimulating and motivating work requiring a high level of resourcefulness and priority management.

  • Be a resource person and available to help any member of the team in carrying out their tasks
  • Closing and scanning files to be closed
  • Go make the deposits every day
  • Make any photocopies and socking for trial notebooks
  • Sending of account statements every month
  • Help with invoicing, management of disbursements
  • Replacement at reception
  • Office messenger
  • Do the office's errands
  • Check the inventory and storage of stationery
  • Manage photocopiers and suppliers
  • Manage the stamper
  • Repair and manage any office supplies
  • Manage everything related to the kitchen, cleanliness, coffee, dishes, dishwasher, etc.
  • Answer the phone and make payments outside of regular business hours
  • Assemble any cabinet file
  • Update the firm's mandates
  • Office management in terms of cleanliness and equipment necessary for the work
  • Update library and directory books
  • Place orders with certain suppliers
  • Take inventory of tabs, business cards and certain office supplies
  • Ensure the sound management of our warehouse
  • Manage the destruction of files
  • Plan and ensure the proper functioning of activities related to the firm
  • Any other related task

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