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Business succession, mergers and acquisitions

It often happens that a business owner decides to sell his company to a family member, an employee, a foreign buyer, a local competitor, a group of employees (e.g., via the cooperative model) or a combination of these options.


Our mergers and acquisitions team assists both business sellers and buyers through all stages: from the planning to the transaction. Throughout the process, we review the options available to our clients in order to guide them to the most optimal choice


The services that we offer in the field of mergers and acquisitions include:


  • Planning from the beginning to reduce the tax consequences;
  • Drafting of preliminary contracts, such as confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, offers to purchase, etc.
  • Advice on Labour and Employment Law, particularly regarding the obligation to retain employees after the transaction;
  • Due diligence, including documentary analysis (often via a confidential virtual data room) and negotiations;
  • Closing of the transaction and post-closing.

Our team of lawyers acts as advisors, and take care of the coordination with the various parties involved, including experts in financing and in the human aspect of the business transfer.

Being a family business ourselves, we have extensive knowledge in family business transfers. In fact, we are very involved with the Groupe la Relève en famille en affaires, a group of family business successors. We are frequently consulted in this area, and we are very aware of the best practices.

We are members of an international network of law firms which allows us to work on transactions with an international aspect.

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