Advertising and marketing law

Our firm has been advising businesses since its creation in 1978. As part of the promotion of their products and/or services, entrepreneurs frequently use marketing and advertising strategies.

Our team of lawyers practises in the following areas of Advertising and Marketing Law:

  • Publicity contests, in particular, with respect to the Régie des Alcohols, des courses et des jeux, and compliance with the usage policies of various social media networks;
  • Commercial signage in respect of the requirements of the Charter of the French language, and issues regarding registered trademarks, etc;
  • Partnership with spokespersons and influencers, particularly in terms of disclosure and preparing contracts;
  • Ethics for businesses that are governed by a professional order;
  • Compliance with laws regarding spam emails, privacy, personal information, etc.;
  • Obligations under the Competition Act;
  • Compliance with the Consumer Protection Act;
  • Etc.

We represent franchisors who usually manage an advertising fund and oversee advertising for the entire franchise network. Our strong experience in franchising and intellectual property is put to good use when advising our clients on Advertising and Marketing Law.

We cooperate with the marketing arms of our clients, both internal departments and external agencies, to ensure the legality of their decisions. For example, in the case of new branding, we check the availability of the logos, names and slogans proposed and we then take care to optimally protect the newly chosen image.

Our civil and commercial litigation team is available to handle litigious cases in Advertising and Marketing law, for example with regard to defamation by a competitor, or even for misleading advertising, image rights, infringement of intellectual property, etc.

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