Youth protection

We know how hard it can be having to deal with an intervention from the Director of Youth Protection. Rest assured, you are not alone. Our team is committed to not only listen to your needs but to assist you from the beginning of your judicial process until the end, all while keeping your child’s best interests at heart and ensuring you a full defence. Here are some of the services that we offer:


The Director of Youth Protection (DYP) is an organization whose mission is to ensure the protection of children. Our lawyers specializing in youth law, particularly youth protection, are key players in helping young people and their families understand their rights and make their case before the DYP, particularly in cases of abuse of power. If you need help in a youth protection case, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer specialized in youth protection.


Alepin Gauthier is a law firm specializing in the field of youth law, particularly in adoption in Quebec. Our lawyers are able to represent parents, children and foster families in these proceedings. We also cover child support issues in the case of adoption and provide support to parents during this new stage of life. If you are looking for a Quebec adoption lawyer, we can help you navigate the complex and emotional processes of adoption and child protection.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

Following up on reports filed with the DYP

Emergency measures

Voluntary measures

Ensuring that your child’s safety is not compromised

Representing you at the Court of Quebec (Youth Division)

Supervised visits

Voluntary placements

Support for parents

And more

As parents, you are responsible of your child’s well being. Let us worry about the rest. Our team will be responsible to ensure that your rights are being respected. We firmly believe that children are the cornerstone of a healthy society. Therefore, it is crucial that you have an experienced team that will tailor our services to your needs and your child’s needs.

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