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The notary: an essential expert 

Whether it is a marriage, the purchase of a house, the sale of a house or the settlement of an estate, some of life’s biggest events all have one thing in common: they all require the involvement of a notary. The notary is an expert that plays a pivotal role in many situations and that works for you to make sure any kind of transaction goes smoothly, is in compliance with the law and is in line with the interests of all parties involved.

Whether you wish to call upon the expertise of a notary for the purchase of a house, for drafting up a will, to settle an estate, for a codicil or other purposes, Alepin Gauthier will find the expert you need.

It is also crucial that the notary with whom you are dealing fully understands your needs and is able to clearly explain his/her actions, the legal issues you are involved in, the documents he/she will prepare for you, and other crucial points.

What can a notary do for you?

Mandating a notary can resolve many issues. For instance, a notary plays a key role in the purchase or sale of a house. It is the notary that drafts the deed of sale, oversees the transaction and ensures that all clauses are observed.

You can also call upon the expertise of a notary for creating a testamentary trust, drafting of a notarial will, or for the settlement of an estate. In the difficult period following a death, notarized documents and the expertise of a notary can prevent unnecessary conflicts and ensure that rights and wishes are honoured.

Your notary can also act as a legal consultant in a variety of situations. If you are about to sign a contract or form a business deal, your notary can ensure the conformity of your documents, which will ultimately bring you peace of mind.

Alepin Gauthier: the place to go to find a notary in Laval

Alepin Gauthier is a multidisciplinary firm offering professional, efficient and reliable notarial services. Since 1978, we have been offering clients from different backgrounds legal services recognized for their quality and high level of professionalism.

Contact us to book an appointment with an Alepin Gauthier notary. We will gladly schedule a meeting date and time for you.

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