Our mission : to be at the forefront of legal solutions

Our mission is simple. We strive to provide legal solutions for any and all situations that may require them.

Our actions are therefore taken within professional and ethical parameters that embody our values and that allow for the accomplishment of our ultimate goal and mission.


At Alepin Gauthier, our attorneys act with professionalism throughout their mandate and their involvement in any situations. Our efficient and well organized administrative structure has helped us to build our untarnished professional reputation. Not only do we respect, follow and apply the high standards imposed by our profession, we have also established specific objectives that insure the efficiency of our professional services.

Client focused and results oriented

Our attention is centered on our clients. By offering a personalized service, our lawyers are client-driven. At Alepin Gauthier, we listen to each client's need no matter the area of practice concerned and we care about the financial and emotional cost of every option considered. Being attentive and concerned about the quality of our services, we tend to attain or even exceed our client's expectations. In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to work as a team so as to maximize the chances of achieving your goals.

Honesty and humanity

We know that it is often a difficult or complicated situation that leads someone to seek advice from an attorney. We therefore make sure to establish a client relationship that is marked with integrity and honesty, but also with transparency. Our professionals will explain the available options in detail, allowing the client to make an informed choice. Our firm favours clear, sound and positive relations with its clients. In this perspective, our relationship with our clients is defined in a written mandate agreement where we clearly describe the firm's undertakings.

Competence and perseverance

If we had to describe the members of our team, the following words come to mind: rigorous, competent, dynamic, courageous, determined, devoted and creative. Indeed, our team is not only passionate but also cares about the end results.


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