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Alepin Gauthier Avocats Et Notaires offers expert immigration law services in Canada. Our dedicated team of highly qualified immigration lawyers is ready to guide you in a professional way every step of your journey, whether it is for a transfer of employees, a visa application, a sponsorship application in Canada, setting up a business in Canada, obtaining a work permit, family reunification, assistance with the permanent residence renewal form, or any other issue related to mobility.

We understand the crucial importance of immigration law and its impact on our clients. Our immigration lawyers have in-depth knowledge of Canada-wide laws and regulations, enabling them to assess the most effective and advantageous methods for undertaking immigration procedures, whether in Canada or abroad, and whether you are considering a temporary stay or an application for permanent residence.

At Alepin Gauthier, we are not only lawyers for your citizenship in Canada, we also offer extensive expertise in related areas such as taxation, employment law, business law, franchising and trademark, and family law. This unrivalled overview enables us to provide you with holistic advice tailored to your specific needs.

Alepin Gauthier, a renowned law firm in immigration law based in Montreal and Laval, has established strategic partnerships with collaborators abroad, notably in the Middle East, including Lebanon and Syria, as well as in Africa. This strengthens our ability to meet your immigration needs, whether you have questions about a visa, a permanent residence renewal form, a sponsorship application in Canada or any other application.

We are committed to being your reliable guide from the beginning of your immigration project to your complete settlement in Canada. We will provide you with an unparalleled overview. Our Canadian immigration lawyers are dedicated to understanding your specific needs and developing tailor-made solutions for your immigration application, the transfer of your wealth to Canada, your professional and tax plans, and the reunification of your family.

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Travel Visas:

  • Assistance to foreign citizens wishing to travel to Canada for non-business reasons.
  • Advice to foreign citizens wishing to visit Canada for business purposes.

Applications for temporary resident status:

  • Guidance for foreign citizens intending to study in Canada.
  • Support for qualified applicants under the International Experience Canada program wishing to study in Canada.

Permanent residence and business-related immigration:

  • Support for individuals eligible to work in Canada, including those meeting the criteria of NAFTA, the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement, the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement, and the General Agreement on Trade in Services.
  • Advice for sponsored family members.
  • Clear explanations of the rules and conditions of permanent residence in Quebec and Canada by an expert lawyer who knows everything there is to know about applying for citizenship in Canada.
  • Support for independent immigrants, such as highly skilled workers, the self-employed, entrepreneurs and investors

In immigration matters, our team of skilled lawyers provides comprehensive representation for our clients, both at the administrative level and before the courts when necessary. We act in a variety of contexts, including

  • Negotiations with immigration officials.
  • Regularisation of illegal status in Canada.
  • Managing all the steps involved in obtaining permanent residence.
  • Assisting with the preparation of documents required for refugee status.
  • Represent clients before the Immigration Appeal Division.
  • Defending our clients' interests in judicial reviews and appeals before the Federal Court of Canada. 

    Rely on our expertise to successfully navigate the complexities of the immigration system, while benefiting from the knowledgeable and professional support of immigration lawyers in Quebec and across Canada, every step of the way. 

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