Housing Law

Housing Lawyer

At Alepin Gauthier, we comprehend the intricacies and challenges that tenants and landlords encounter in the realm of housing. Our team of experienced housing lawyers is here to guide you through a comprehensive spectrum of issues and disputes related to residential tenancy agreements and the Tribunal Administratif du Logement (TAL, formerly known as the Régie Du Logement). Whether you are a tenant seeking to assert your rights or a landlord seeking to safeguard your interests, we possess the requisite expertise to accompany you at every stage.

Residential Lease and Rental Board

Establishing a robust rental tenancy agreement is the pivotal initial step in property leasing. Our housing attorneys will navigate you through the nuances of leases, aiding you in understanding your rights and responsibilities as either a tenant or landlord. We can also provide counsel on the laws and regulations governing leasing, including those of the TAL.

Termination of Lease, Subletting, and Lease Assignment

Terminating a residential lease, subletting, or lease assignment can be intricate processes. Our specialized Housing Law attorneys will assist you in navigating these complex situations while ensuring compliance with prevailing laws and regulations. Whether it is terminating an existing lease or transferring your rights to a third party, we are here to guide you.

Eviction, Possession Recovery, Rent Claims, and Notice to Vacate

If you are faced with eviction or possession recovery, or if you are embroiled in a non-payment of rent by tenant dispute, our team of experienced Housing Law attorneys can represent you before the TAL. We will aid you in preparing your case, presenting it persuasively, and safeguarding your interests, including providing you with the necessary eviction notices.

Rent, Repairs, and Other Disputes

We also handle disputes related to rent increases or reductions, major housing repairs, inhabitable conditions, harassment between tenants and landlords, as well as tenant damages. Whether you are a tenant seeking necessary repairs or a landlord facing a rental dispute, we are here to provide you with robust legal representation.

Access to and Visitation of the Premises During Tenant Occupancy

If you have concerns regarding access to your apartment or unauthorized visits, our team of Housing Law attorneys can assist you in protecting your right to privacy and peace of mind.

At Alepin Gauthier, we are committed to defending your housing rights before the TAL. Whether you are a tenant seeking to assert your rights or a landlord seeking to safeguard your investment, contact us today for a legal consultation. We are here to help you navigate the complex world of Housing Law.

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