Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law

Our team of lawyers and jurists working in our Bankruptcy & Insolvency Department can assist and advise both individuals or businesses, in respect of financial restructuring, bankruptcy or arrangements with the creditors. We are qualified to advise debtors and creditors alike and our team has the competence and the experience to serve and assist Bankruptcy Trustees too.

Whether you have received a notice of proposal or a notice of bankruptcy, our lawyers can inform you regarding your rights and obligations as well as related deadlines.

Our lawyers provide assistance to clients pertaining to Proofs of claim and Exhibits in support of it.

Our team asks questions pertaining to notices of meetings of creditors to further investigate and seek the Assets and behaviour of the debtor with the ultimate goal of searching for possible creditors’ recourses and remedies.

Our lawyers are aware of possible alternatives to bankruptcy and can determine with the clients other possible solutions to a bankruptcy that would best meet their goals as provided by the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act.

As for creditors, we can evaluate possible remedies against debtors provided by the B.I.A, such as preferential payments or reviewable transactions and can advise about the nomination of certain inspectors with the rights and obligations of such nomination.

As for debtors, our lawyers may guide and advise as to which option would be best for each given situation in the search of the best solution that would ease the financial difficulties.

Our lawyers may also refer the debtors to Bankruptcy Trustees and accompany them with the filing of a proposal or bankrupcy.

Our lawyers have the experience and expertise to make representations before the Superior Court, Commercial Division, on behalf of debtors, creditors or Trustees as well, if necessary or needed.  

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