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Family mediation

Family mediation

Alepin Gauthier offers reliable and professional family mediation services that have helped many clients deal with conflicts in the most objective manner and in a spirit of understanding and respect.

What is family mediation?

Family mediation is a process aiming to solve conflicts that can occur in the midst of couples separating or following a separation. It is overseen by a mediator that acts as an impartial agent in discussions. The mediator can help both sides reach an agreement on a variety of issues, including the separation of assets after a divorce, parenting responsibilities, and many others.

Family mediation helps with making a fair and just decision in a neutral setting, in which both sides’ interests are taken into consideration.

Will decisions be taken by the mediator on behalf of both sides?

No. Family mediation helps both sides get along better and find viable solutions. Being in an ideal position to state the facts without emotional attachment, the mediator enables easy communication and supports both sides in coming to an agreement. That being said, the mediator will not resolve the issue. Unlike an arbitrator or a judge, the family mediator won’t take decisions and can’t force its clients to make resolutions. He/she will make light of the situation as it is and come up with solutions, but the parties involved are not required to follow his/her recommendations under any circumstances.

At the conclusion of mediation, your mediator will hand you a document describing all the issues both parties agreed upon. However, this document will have no legal value unless it is approved by a judge.

Is mediation expensive?

If you have dependent children, the Ministère de la Justice offers to pay the first five hours of mediation. After that, a mediator will offer his/her services on hourly rates which may vary slightly. Feel free to contact us to learn more about Alepin Gauthier’s family mediation rates.

How do I book an appointment with a mediator?

Contact us and together, we will establish the best time and day for a family mediation appointment. We will gladly take the time to explain how these meetings go, the costs incurred, and more. Since 1978, the Alepin Gauthier law firm has been offering flawless and reliable legal services worthy of its clients’ expectations. With our long-standing experience, our clients are guaranteed to receive professional and careful attention by trusted legal experts.

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