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Family mediation

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  1. What happens to the family residence in a divorce?

    What happens to the family residence in a divorce?

    Our clients frequently ask: what will happen to the family residence once a divorce application has been served and who will continue to live in the home? The family residence is considered to be the home where the family lived together during the [ … ]

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    Tips & tricks before filing for divorce

    Tips & tricks before filing for divorce

    Making the decision to divorce your spouse isn’t an easy one. However, once the decision has been made, it is important to consider these few steps, beforehand, in order to maximize your chances of being in a favourable position: 1) Be organized [ … ]

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    Family mediators: what is their role exactly?

    Family mediation is a way for couples (married or not) to settle issues arising from a breakup without having to go to court to have the tribunal decide on the outcome of their case for them. An impartial mediator tries to help the parties reach an [ … ]

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